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Since 2007

We've been surveying and engineering high-quality designs of pole lines.

The work we provide is a representation of our attention to the details, knowledge of industry standards, and strong critical thinking skills. Technology is rapidly transforming and we pride ourselves on staying abreast of changes within our industry, always striving to be efficient yet thorough so we can keep our production speeds high. 

Our Responsibility...

Offer Solutions

This is done by thoroughly understanding our clients’ scope of work.  We then provide feedback and suggestions, especially at the start of projects to ensure we are meeting their needs. Communication is important and we must be able to listen to client needs as well as inform them of opportunities and challenges in the field.  Our finished product shows our clients the best possible solutions so they can continue with their design and exceed customer expectations!




Downloads, uploads, work-from-home, virtual meetings and networking events, social media, the list goes on.  Internet connections are life connections, and we provide the foundation for new installations, improvements for existing plans, and the latest in high-speed internet: fiber optic!

Those cell towers make sure your call goes through, your text message gets sent, and your photos get uploaded. We make sure the connections are strong through our accurate designs of new systems and plans for updates to existing systems.  

Cable television is still in high demand even with streaming options available. Our designs help cable providers keep up with this demand by making sure everyone who wants cable has access to it, and that access is efficient.  





”I've been working with M.H. Solutions for over 10 years now. You’re not just a pawn or a stepping stone, you’re family here. Mark and Natale will go above and beyond to help you grow and reach your full potential. I'm not the kinda guy that can punch the same clock at the same location everyday. Traveling is such an awesome experience. You'll see new people and sights regularly.

- T. Hicks, Field Engineer
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